John Deere B John Deere B

This is a 1949 John Deere B with a New Idea-Horn model H5 loader. It is one of the few ’49s to have a square axle. (S.N.#257817) This tractor belonged to my grandpa’s late brother. Since my grandfather retired from farming in the fall of 1999, he has been loaning out some of his older farm equipment. I restored this tractor in the fall of 2002. the restoration took me over 100 hours to comepleate. I did not have to do any engine work on this tractor. In the summer of 2002 I did baling with this tractor and it did not need any engine work on it.


 Farmall 200


This Farmall was manufactured in 1956, one of the last of the model 200 made. Only about 13,000 of them were built. It’s rare to find one in running condition. This one was in the St. Johns, Michigan area for a few years until my grandfather bought it and took it to the Charlotte area. Now it lives on a farm in Edmore, Michigan. When we got this tractor from my grandfather, it came with an owner’s manual. There is little information that I have found on the internet regarding the Farmall 200. A Farmall 200 is similar to a “Super C”. If you have any information, I would like to find out a little more about this tractor.

John Deere 4B Plow


The John Deere 4B plow is often confused with the models 4A and 52. The model 4B was built from 1940 to 1945. It has various changes from the 4A. Two of the changes are wheel and axle size. Those sizes determine if the plow is a 4A or a 4B. Also the numbers on the two main beams can tell was model it is, if you could find a proper parts manual or other resources. The clutch on this plow is enclosed and is a way to determine in what years that it might have been built in.

 New Idea Horn Manure loaderb1l

I have not found very much information about the New Idea – Horn loader. The model H-5 was made to fit many tricycle type tractors. Teamed up with the John Deere B the loader will pick up large rocks. The only problem is that the double extension cylinders take up a lot of oil or hydraulic fluid, depending on how its set up on different tractors. When using an extra tank that sits above the rocker arms on a John Deere tractor, the oil leaks out round them. If you know anything about this loader please e-mail me. If you have a similar New Idea – Horn loader and do not know how to put it on your tractor, I can help you with mounting.Contact information to come when this website is updated.