Welcome to the Carrot Patch. This farm has an interesting history. The farm is nearly centennial, having been in the family since 1907 when Frank L. and Hattie Adell Petersen moved here from Cedar Springs. After WWII, a 1947 John Deere Model B was bought, with priority given to service men, by Raymond R. Peterson Sr. and his wife Minnette L. They started farming potatoes, grain, hay, beans, and corn and raising hogs, chickens and cows. At about that same time Raymond started to build a barn. He completed it in 1952 and commenced grade A milk production. Soon after the completion of the barn, he started to build the house that we are currently living in. For about 30 years it was that way until 1970, when Raymond Sr. retired. The equipment and live stock were sold off and the farm was rented to other farmers and planted to alfalfa hay.

In 1984 Raymond Jr., and wife Linda came to live on the farm. Later Raymond Jr. rebuilt the corn crib into a garage and then in 1999 Ray and son Michael built a new pole barn.Now in 2001 the hay is still harvested and tractors are back. The tractors that are currently on this farm are a 1956 Farmall 200 and a 1949 John Deere B. Click the links at the left side to view the tractors and other antique equipment.

If Frank and Hattie Adell could return today they would most likely not recognize the place, with the house they lived in, the barn, hog house, hen house/grainery, even the out house, all gone; only the slanted walls of the garage give testimony to its origin as a corn crib. Even the rock pile by the barn is gone and covered with sod.barnwithtractors